Friday, September 23, 2011

Friday, September 23, 2011

The week zipped by, and already it's Friday.

We talked about getting more skillful in saying goodbye to parent volunteers.

Our discussion focused on thinking about how family members feel when the goodbye is tearful versus when it's smiling. We discussed how family helpers volunteer in kindergarten because they care about and love the kindergartner.

Then I asked them to imagine how a mom would feel if a departure looks like this:

It wasn't hard for the class to understand that the mom would feel embarrassed and disappointed to endure this sort of goodbye. [Bella in the photo here isn't really sad. She's only pretending for the camera. She's a good actress, I think, and we chose her because her mom was handy and willing to pose for the camera as well.]

Once the student has come to understand that the family volunteer came into class because they love their child, the student will be motivated to learn how to say a more skillful goodbye.

Here's Bella smiling and waving goodbye in a way that would make any mom proud and happy to have come in.

All went well in school today—another in a string of good days.


For your calendar:
Please plan to stay until about 8:15 on Monday morning, October 3.

The kindergarten class will perform a few songs and a dance for the Dunham School Assembly. We have been rehearsing for this event, and I think you will enjoy our very brief performance.

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