Friday, September 30, 2011

Friday, Sept. 30. 2011

The final day of the month we had some catching up to do, especially in the "story time" department. MacKenzie, Phoenix, and Raegan all had brought books on their sharing days for me to read that I had only time to read part way. Rocco also brought a book for me to read to the class today being his day.
So we finished all but Phoenix's book which is a longer one.

We got through all 5 chapters of MacKenzie's book.

We're working our way through this one.

We finished this one that Raegan brought.

And Rocco's book we finished.

And there was still time to play.
We didn't have PE today or there would have been no way to find time to play. It's all good.

Monday Morning, October 3, 2011

There will be a whole school assembly from 8:00 to 8:15. The kindergarten will perform briefly at our assembly. I hope many of you can stay for our first performance in front of a large audience.

Have a great weekend.

Be well.

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