Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Back to School Night isTonight

Hi, all,

Tonight is our Back to School evening. From 6:30 to 7:00 I will outline the kindergarten program here at Dunham. At 7:00 Mr. Schaible will briefly address the whole school. Our part of the evening will conclude at approximately 7:15. If you also have a student in grades 4 through 6 you'll stay until approximately 7:45 for presentations in those grades.

Tomorrow we will begin centers. Happily, we have almost filled out our volunteer chart. There are still a couple of vacancies early in the week, which, hopefully, we will fill soon.

Today, MacKenzie's grandpa stayed to help with an art activity extending the caterpillar drawing lesson about different kinds of lines that we had yesterday. Today we revisited the idea of lines in art, but added the dimension of color. Here's one example of the fine work done today showing jagged, curly, crossed and vertical lines as done by Tanner:

Way to go, Tanner.

Soon after the art lesson we had a math lesson about comparing lengths—longer and shorter—and finding a matching length. We distributed strips of adding machine tape cut so that each strip was paired with one other strip matching it exactly in length. The class did this lesson beautifully. Here's a picture taken in the middle of that activity:

Such concentration!
Because yesterday I had to reteach a lesson on how to clean up after snack, we did not have time to play. Remembering that, I wanted today to be sure to include about twenty minutes of time for students to choose a preferred activity. A group of boys got busy with blocks.

Working together is fun.
Please come tonight if you can. Help me learn your name if you're new to Dunham School.

Be well.

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