Tuesday, September 13, 2011


No, not that kind of 4-H.

Homework - Hand washing - Helmets - Headwork

Much of the homework in kindergarten is sent home weekly on Wednesdays. Tomorrow we will start off with our first homework assignment of the year from our math program, Everyday Mathematics. 
Tomorrow, Wednesday, I will send home a Home Links book for you to keep at home. Most Wednesdays, I will assign a page from this book for you to complete at home. The pages in the book are made to be easily torn out of the book as you work on them so that your child can turn in the assigned page of homework on Thursdays. 

It is my belief that homework, like most learning in kindergarten, can and should be enjoyable. The activities in the Kindergarten Home Links book are intended to be done with the assistance of an older family member, usually a parent.
Hand Washing
A handful of kindergartners have gotten the stomach flu. We are now being extra diligent about classroom cleanliness and student hygiene. I repeated my hand-washing talk today, emphasizing the importance of thoroughly sudsing up the hands and rinsing them off before eating and after going to the bathroom. We’ll keep up the effort. It’s no fun for any one of us here to deal with it, rest assured. The sooner we get past this the better.
If your child can ride a two-wheeler and you can get your hands on a spare helmet,  please send it to school, clearly and lastingly labelled with your child’s name. Such helmets are not shared. If sending a helmet from home is not easy for you, we have a number of school helmets donated by the PTO which we can assign to your child. Please send us a note requesting same if you wish to avail yourselves of one of these. School supplied helmets are not to be shared either.
We talked about two words that appear in a song we sing about the months of the year, “joy” and “cheer.”  No one seemed to know quite what they mean, so we discussed them.
Joy is an inside feeling of happiness, like how you might feel if someone you love tells you that they love you. It’s a birthday present sort of feeling. Cheer is more about the outward expression of joy, characteristically optimism and encouragement. I told the kindergartners that joy is happiness glowing inside of you; cheer is happiness going outside of you.
See whether your child absorbed the new words.
Be well.


Alicia Petersen said...

Thank you for keeping us so well informed!

Dan Gurney said...

My pleasure, Alicia!