Thursday, August 25, 2011

Second Day, Snack Information

Another happy day. The class is settling into school very quickly. 

Our focus is on learning the basic rules and procedures that allow us to conduct the business of learning with efficiency and fun.

We had a snack today of corn thins, salami, edamame (steamed & seasoned soybeans in the shell, from Ian's family) and apple slices. For many students, edamame is a new food—and they loved it. This is one of many reasons I love community snacks. Kids get to share favorite foods with their friends and they get to try something new that their classmates like.

Here's how snack looked as we set it out:

The edamame is in the black tray.

Students learned how to wash their plates and clean the tables and floors. Everyone pitched in beautifully. It was a pleasure to see them take responsibility for themselves so well and willingly.

Tomorrow you will receive a snack calendar that will assign you to a day to bring in snack for the whole class. I will include some simple guidelines to help you. Two of our children are allergic to peanuts and products containing peanuts, so we have to avoid anything with peanuts as an ingredient.

Washing dishes
We ended the day with a few minutes  to play on the west playground. We went over over the three fundamental rules,

1. Be safe.
2. Be happy.
3. Be kind.

and played for a few minutes in the late morning sun.

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