Wednesday, August 24, 2011

First Day Faces

Here's a quick look into our first day of school.

We took the time to photograph each member of the class and listen to the one thing they wanted to tell us about themselves.
The hills south of Dunham on August 24, 2011

Mr. Gurney begins his 31st year.
Today is his 37th wedding anniversary.

Mrs. Everson loves kids, especially kindergarten students.

Aidan wants you to know his dad is a firefighter.

Anthony told us his mom works in a winery.

Bella likes playing hide and seat with pop-pop Scott.

Bianca has older sisters who went to kindergarten here.

Cale's dad manages the In 'N Out Burger.

Caleb's dad is a firefighter.

Diana likes to play with her two year old brother.
Dominic has a big sister at school.

Drew's dad saw a big fish.

Dylan likes tractors.

Emily loves her mom; she thinks she's sweet.

Ian likes penguins.

Jackson likes to play with his mom.

Jake has a big sister at Dunham.

Jessica's mom works at Chuck E. Cheese.

Kade likes baseball and soccer.

Kayla Sue's mom works at a dentist's office.

Kayla's dad, aunt and uncle went to kindergarten here.

MacKenzie's dad is a police officer. Her mom works for a dentist.

Nathan's dad plays softball.
Nathan goes to all of his games.

Olivia's dad is a firefighter.

Phoenix's dad works at a winery.

Raegan's dad works at Garden Tractor.

Rocco's dad drives tractors (trucks) and makes compost.

Stasia (pronounced "Staysha" afterall) Chagnon's mom works
for a dentist. Dad is a house painter.

Tanner's dad works at a paintball park.

Tyler's dad prospects for gold and raises chickens.

Vanessa dad works at a ranch for cows.

Mrs. Shimada with an impromptu Spanish lesson.

First day, and everyone knows how to line up!

Went out briefly to play on bars.

Choice time inside.





We had a great day.

This class can SING! We sang for Mrs. Mc Carthey, Mrs. Shimada, and Mr. Schaible.

It will be a good year.

See you tomorrow.

Be well.


Poncia5 said...

Wonderful first day! Happy to be back in "Gurney Land". Looking forward to a great year at Dunham with all the kids.

Dan Gurney said...

And I am happy to have you back! It is going to be wonderful year!

Bethannie said...

Me too Lisa! I completely forgot about the blog spot. I really appreciate that you take the time to do this, its so nice to be able to see the goings on in the classroom. Its fun hearing it from the Bella but she just gives me little peaks of info.

Dan Gurney said...

Hi, Bethannie, thanks for leaving a comment. I like doing a little bloggy review of the day each day. It gives parents a little bit more to build a conversation on. And I like taking a few minutes to reflect and remember the day.

Gary said...

Hi Mr. Gurney,
Raegan and I (Raegan's Dad) just sat down and looked through the first day pictures and some of the other posts.
Thanks for the suggestion on how to use the blog. We will make it a practice.
Raegan's Dad (Gary)

Dan Gurney said...

Hi, Gary,

Great. I'm glad you had to chance to look at the photos of Raegan's classmates. You can help her learn everyone by name. Please give my regards to Elena.