Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Another Fine Day in Kindergarten

Some years ago I figured out that if you want kids to enjoy playing with blocks, you've got to make it easy to put away the blocks when it's time to clean up.

So I ordered some milk crates from Duluth Trading Company so kids could quickly put them in any which way at clean up time. That's usually what happens. It's how I do it.

But this year's kindergarten class is taking a strong interest in cleaning up with care. When washing their dishes they take plenty of time to get the plates really clean.

When it's time to clean up the blocks, well, they do it more carefully than me.

Rocco and Drew

Anthony can read with his eyes shut!

First grade came by to read us a poem.

Mrs. Campbell finishing up the stretches.

Mrs. Burger read us Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel.

Centers will begin the Tuesday after Labor Day, September 6. We still have some openings to fill, especially on Mondays. If you can, please volunteer to lead a small instructional group from 8:10 to 8:45 or so.

Be well.


Poncia5 said...

So many things to do in a day at Kindergarten class. Thanks for uncovering the fact that kids DO know how to clean up, love that! Also, meant to ask about your daughter today. Hope she "weathered" the storms back east safely...

Dan Gurney said...

Yes, they can clean up. As their teacher, I benefit from their desire to impress their buds with how grown up they can be.

My daughter did fine with Irene,thanks for asking. The hurricane seemed more like a really big storm, with more wind than usual. It had more impact on my brother who lives more inland up the Hudson River Valley.