Tuesday, August 23, 2011

All Ready for Tomorrow

We're all ready for the first day of school tomorrow. It will be a great year. We've had productive meetings with our new principal, Mr. Schaible towards bringing Dunham to the next level. I'm really excited.

 We have brand new bathrooms right outside the kindergarten door, one for boys and one for girls. If you knew what the old ones looked (and smelled) like you would know that this is vastly better than before. Our kindergarten room has that "first day of school" look now.

We are ready to start tomorrow.

 The names are up on the walls

on the cubbies

and the tables.

 It will be a great year.

May I suggest a few ideas to make tomorrow go smoothly for your child, for you, and for me?

  1. Practice everything about how you will say goodbye in the morning when you drop off your child. Actually act the whole routine out. Remember to smile. Smiles can help you feel braver. 
  2. Remind your child of my three fundamental "rules." I want your child to feel safe, to be happy, and to learn to be kind at school. 
  3. Kindergarten is a happy, safe place. It is not scary. 
  4. Set out tomorrow's clothes before bed. 
  5. Enjoy a bedtime story and back rub. 
  6. Get a good night's sleep.
  7. In the morning have a good breakfast together as a family.

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