Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Another wonderful day! We got a new round of centers going today. In my center, I'm teaching the students the next level of ukulele playing. We're learning how to play two-chord songs in an instrumental ensemble. It's working! You'll have the opportunity to see and hear us at the Variety Show later this month.

Other centers include:

making stress relief balls from balloons and cornstarch,
making real 3-D boxes from sheets of paper
playing a math game using dominoes
paper weaving in science, and
spinner art.

It'll be a good round of centers.

We also had fifth grade buddies and another great music lesson with Andrew. Here's a picture of one moment in that lesson:

Elsa wanted to read her story to the class as did Elena yesterday. Here she is with Rebecca serving as the mic holder.

Finally, tonight is homework night. We are also beginning a pajama drive to benefit children in foster care in Sonoma County. The class that brings in the most pairs of pajamas will get a pizza party.

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