Thursday, May 5, 2011

Thursday, May 5, 2011: Gavin's Day

Today was Gavin's day and he shared......

his father!!

Gavin's father, many years ago a kindergartner here, is now all grown up and works in the solar power industry installing large solar power projects mostly for large companies.

Before his presentation, he joined us on the rug for some stories and he drew quite a crowd around his nonfiction read aloud about animals (a book written by a friend of mine).

We read as the spinner art center finished up their work.

Chris Hiller set his solar powered water fountain up in the school garden where we could see how it worked.

Gavin gets to have the closest look at first.

Chris added green food coloring to make the water visible.

The solar panels that powered the bilge pump in the bucket
Since Gavin's birthday falls in the summer he brought some cookies to which we added imaginary birthday candles so he could make a wish...

We also had Mark come for another of his art lessons.

Hannah's mom and dad showed up on bikes to pick her up after school. Here are the three of them as they get ready to head out for home.

I can remember years ago when Hannah's mom rode her bicycle to school with her siblings and cousins. It really makes me happy to see bicycles coming out of their garages and brought into practical use as transportation!

Bikes, solar panels, life is good!

Be well.

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