Thursday, May 26, 2011

Sam'sDay, May 26

We stayed until school-wide dismissal, 2:30. The last hour was the "dress rehearsal" for the Variety Show we'll feature next Wednesday, June 1 at 5:00. Let's hope for good weather. The kindergarten class is the first on stage and they did well. I think you will enjoy seeing them perform in six days. I was not able to take photos for you to see, but we will do better next week. Jason Sweeney will video the performance for us and if all goes as planned we'll feature it here.

Another splendid day, though we didn't get out on bikes as I had hoped we would. The weather was good and the sky full of dramatic clouds. We just didn't have the time...

Hannah's mom was out in the garden and she collected a pail of snails. She'll take them home and with the help of backyard hens convert these little fellas into yolks, whites, and shells.

There will be happy hens at Hannah's house.

Probably the highlight for most of the class was today's art lesson with Mark. Here is a photo of the lesson itself.

I think the kindergarten class enjoyed the clean up almost as much. It took quite a while to get the tables and floor clean again. The kids did almost all the work, and they did it with enthusiasm.

Elsa, who sits right next to Ryan, lost a tooth of her own today. It was her second tooth baby tooth to wiggle free.

She was happier about this than the picture shows.
We're making some fine K's. Someone wondered if these were showing the scorekeeper's marks with regard to the Giant's pitching....

The K stands for Kindergarten!
Enjoy the sunshine. I plan to take a walk this afternoon in the Laguna de Santa Rosa.

Be well.

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