Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Rieley's Day

Today was Rieley's day. We played "Number Squeeze" again. We began by knowing that the chosen number was somewhere between 120 and 180. Working as a team, the class got the right answer on the seventh guess. Rieley was the student who guessed the correct answer.

His family brought in a splendid snack this morning. All the food you see in the photograph below disappeared quite rapidly. Several students discovered for the first time, apparently, that they like "Ants on a Log." I think the golden raisins had something to do with it. Are they sweeter??

Ants on a Log, raspberries, cream cheese, cookies
I've begun end-of-the-year assessments for the class. The results of these assessments will be reflected on the report card you'll see on the last day of school. Here's a photo of one of our "hands-on" assessments:

I hope you can come back to Dunham both today and tomorrow evenings.

Tomorrow is the Variety Show. For details, please see the note in the righthand column at the top of this blog.

Tonight is the Dunham Community's first opportunity to meet our new Principal/Superintendent, Adam Shaible. I plan to attend tonight and look forward to the gathering.

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