Monday, May 9, 2011

Monday, May 9, 2011

We looked at consonant-vowel-consonant "Wannabe Words" this morning.

Wannabe Words aren't really words yet. You can read them, spell them, and say them. But since they have no meaning yet, they're not real words. Real words have to have meaning.

The ability to read Wannabe Words is one of the ways we see how students are coming along in their early reading skills. Skillful readers can sound out words even if they've never heard or seen them before (since they're not real words). The skills they need to have are mainly two:

(1) automaticity with saying letter sounds and

(2)  the ability to blend sounds into words.

All the kids in class have the first skill down quite well. The second skill, the blending part, is easier for some than for others.

One way to help with blending is to "sing" the words together in one note. We're trying to eliminate any and all sound gaps, even brief gaps, in the sounding out of a word. Allow even the smallest sound gap to appear, and the word will go out the window.

Singing the word together into one note really helps a lot of students. Try it.

Here are some you might want to try out with your child at home:

vuf    fev     mib      zep     vip

tam    baz    kob     nif      heb

bup    yed    buk    dat      bez    

There will be more in this week's homework.

Second grade came by today to share stories they wrote about hats. I got my camera out for this part of the day.

Toward the end of the day we got out on bikes in this beautiful weather.

Thanks for dropping by...

Be well.

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