Monday, May 16, 2011

Monday, May 16, 2011

First off, I want you to know that the reason there were no posts for Thursday and Friday was that Blogger went down on Thursday and I could not put up a post. As far as I know, I think it was a pretty large phenomenon. There seemed to be people all over the country talking about it on their blogs.  Friday just got too busy—meetings you know.

I'm back now.

Good thing, too. We had a full day.

It was Makayla's day, and she wanted me to know she lost another tooth over the weekend, her second lost tooth in May. Here's her top-of-the-morning-missing-two-front-teeth smile.

In centers there is a lot going on. One center is making is wood structures made by gluing little pieces of wood that Dan's grandpa Frank provided for us. Thank you, Frank!!
Quinn's construction

Makayla read a story to the class today that she got from the library. She did a SPLENDID job reading to her classmates.

After storytime we were off to the Community Room where my old pal, Rob Dicely and his wife, Barbara put on their Wild Cat Show. (Rob's wife, Barbara taught preschool to my daughter years and years ago. Rob used to be in the housebuilding business and he worked on our house twice.

Anyway, Rob and Barbara showed us four of their wild cats.

Canadian Lynx

King's Cheetah


Geoffrey's Cat
 You can visit their website by clicking here Wild Cat Fund.

Ivan invited Rebecca to KIDS club and we got to play a little dulcimer in the last few minutes of the time.
Looby Loo is easy to play on the dulcimer.

Be well!

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