Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Iffy Weather

Late May is a time when we've come to expect reliable sunny weather. We've come to expect warm afternoons to the point that I could say we almost take them for granted.

Not this year, apparently. Take a look at the late morning sky over the playground today:

It didn't rain on us at PE, but it seemed to be thinking about it.

Last day of PE for kindergarten.

It was Zander's day today and he brought a wonderful snack. (I forgot all about Zander's strawberries...oops! We'll enjoy them tomorrow or the next day, Zander.)

Bagels and friends

The first grade class gamely stuck to their traditions and did their ice sculptures. In years past I remember seeing these melt away in the hot afternoon sun. Not this year!

The weather forecast for tomorrow's Variety Show is iffy. I think we're going to hope for the best. If the weather turns ugly, we'll have a do-over for the kindergarten ukulele performance in the kindergarten room first thing Friday morning before the festival. We'll do that indoors so as not to tempt the weather gods and goddesses.

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