Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Ryan's day today. He brought a Dr. Seuss story about sleep that I had never seen before. We read most of it.

In between centers today... during centers time the students wrote (or tried to write) all the numbers from 1 to 110 in counting sequence. Many of them did complete the task, but for some it was more than could be accomplished in the time we had.

The homework tonight is another of the Highlighter puzzles. Have fun with it, and if you prefer to work in pencil that's A-OK with me. Pencil takes more time, but at least mistakes can easily be removed with an eraser.

At the very end of the day Lilly showed her ability to quickly read all the Soundabet cue words.

King, Queen, Boy

Rieley did it, too!

We'll try to work in some extra bike time tomorrow as a reward.

Again, if you don't have other plans for Saturday, come on up to the parade in Sebastopol. It starts at 10:00 Saturday morning. I will be in the parade near the front of the line up.

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Michelle said...

I love the pictures with all the kids grouped together! What a happy class!!