Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Tuesday, April 5, Marley's Day

We began a new round of centers today including some playground art.

Just a part of the big picture

Other centers featured moon sand (a new-to-kindergarten modeling compound that combines the qualities of both Playdoh and sand), wood science, math, Boggle Jr., and using the microscope.

I am happy that we have a good quality microscope for kindergarten students to use. We've ordered a classroom set of jeweler's loupes as well, and the office tells me they should arrive soon. I sure hope so.

Marley did the Queen's Cards today. We gave her three cheers.

 She inspired others to try.

Justin followed:

With Rebecca just behind. A banner day.

Lots of risking it, trying, and succeeding. We did a lot of cheering, even though with my voice as hoarse as it is, I shouldn't.

Marley brought a kazoo today for sharing. We managed to find time at the very end of the day to play together. She did a great job. I only wish my voice had been up to kazooing along with her. It'll be a little while more before I can sing.

Be well.

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