Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tuesday, April 12, Rieley's Day

Rieley was the person of the day today. He brought a book to share and a snack of carrots, bagels with cream cheese and peanut butter, and a fresh fruit salad. Yum!

This being testing week we're blasting through the handwriting book. It's been good to work a little more now that we're beginning to understand what letters and writing are for.

Four milestones were passed today:

Ivan got his King's cards done.

Rebecca read all the Soundabet boy cards before the timer

As did Elena before her....

And Alyssa before that.

Rieley's book was about a Firefighting dog named Edward.

Firetrucks do more than respond to emergencies. As you can see in this picture, they also go on parade.

If you want some free fun this weekend, come to Sebastopol to see the Apple Blossom Parade. It goes down Main Street and begins at 10:00 AM. Get there about 30 minutes ahead of that time for better seating. You'll see high school marching bands, dogs, firetrucks, and, with the Sebastopol City Council, Mr. Gurney in the parade. Be sure to shout out from the crowd till I see you.

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