Thursday, April 7, 2011

Thursday, April 7, 2011

First, a reminder that tonight is Family Math Night at Dunham beginning at 6:00. We will open three rooms in the back wing of the school where you will be able to enjoy informal math-related activities with your child. I'll be there bringing along pattern blocks, geometric shapes, tangrams, and geo-boards. Come by and say hello if you can.

The rainy weather that was forecast to descend on us did not materialize, only spectacular cloud formations. Thank goodness, as I am still experiencing a little bit of cabin fever and today is bike Thursday. We got out for a half hour of play outdoors. I got this photo of the sky.

Gavin has mastered the Queen's Cards! Yeah Gavin!

He's got both cards by his name now.
See the green flower? That's for summer birthdays* (see end of post)

Ivan gave his best shot at the King's Cards but he still has a few to master. He will get there with more practice at home and school.

Mr. Mark came in to give us hints about drawing the Mona Lisa.

We're lucky to have a real art instructor. Look at this picture done by one of our budding kinderg-artists, Marley. She had to do patient coloring in to get the Princess's dress to look so pleated.

Check out the pleated skirt!

*Summer birthdays: If your child has a summer birthday, you are invited to bring a small treat along with snack on the next day you're child will be person of the day. Nothing big, just a small treat so that we can celebrate the occasion of their birthday and sing them a happy "birthday" song. Rebecca will be the first person who can do this on Monday.

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