Monday, April 25, 2011

Teaching Beyond the Test

The greatest tragedy of educational reforms taking over public schools in America is that they are focussed on trivial goals like increasing reading speed. We are capable of so much more! We need to aim higher than raising test scores on fill-in-the-bubble tests.

Here is a video of a master teacher in Japan, Torshiro Kanamori, who has set for himself a higher goal—the same goal I aspire to—creating happiness.

See for yourself a master teacher at work:


This video runs 10 minutes. It gets better as it goes along. Once you're in it you won't want to be interrupted, so come back later if you need the 10 minutes. I'm just sayin' this so you won't be late for dinner or something.

Get some Kleenex handy. Your cheeks are likely to get wet.

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