Monday, April 4, 2011

Monday, April 4, 2011 -- Makayla's Day

It's amazing how peaceful it can be to maintain silence. With a case of laryngitis, I did a lot of wordless teaching today and our room was peaceful and orderly.

The students put some new art on the walls, a lesson from our district's art program called "Happy Little House." Here are a couple of photos showing you that:

First, a drawing in pencil

Add color with oil pastels

Display on wall
We also got outside in today's most beautiful spring weather. There was surprisingly little trash to pick up, hardly a dozen little pieces and this was a Monday. Clearly others have joined the kindergarten in keeping the school grounds neat and tidy!

Conference at the creek

I spent the afternoon getting a new round of centers ready for tomorrow morning. I'm looking forward to them!

And, drum roll, please....

The big news of the day? Makayla got her Queen's Cards. She really KNOWS them. As she named them into the microphone I could hear several students remark, "Boy, she's really really fast!"

Way to go, Makayla!

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