Monday, April 11, 2011

Monday, April 11, 2011—Rebecca's Day

Today was Rebecca's day. Since she has a summer birthday, we invited her to bring in a little celebration for her classmates today. She brought more than mini cupcakes—she also brought her father. It was so great that he had the chance to take time to visit the classroom.

I remember when my daughter was in kindergarten I took a day off in spring to visit her classroom. It was one of the best uses of "personal necessity" leave I ever took. From that point forward, my conversations with my daughter were enriched by my ability to relate the the stories she told when she came home from school. I only wish I had done it earlier in the year.

We had a fine celebration complete with an imaginary candle on Rebecca's cupcake.

That's Rebecca's dad crouched down by Rebecca.
Rieley lost a tooth over the weekend. He's the first to get his name up on the tooth chart for April.

While most of the rest of the school undergoes "STAR" testing this week, we're forging ahead in our handwriting books. I expect that we will complete them by next week. Testing means that we won't have many of our usual weekly enrichments. The PE, Spanish, Music, and Art teacher will all take this week off kindergarten. All these will resume next week.

It finally dawned on me to show the kindergartners how to hang our towels out to dry in the afternoon breezes. Kids LOVE to do real work. Pedro got to be first:

8 towels drying in the breeze

Be well.

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