Friday, April 8, 2011

Friday, April 8, 2011

Another splendid day in kindergarten. No time for play today except for the morning recess. It was Quinn's day. We dutifully marked day #145 in kindergarten. Just 35 to go! Where has the time gone? We enjoyed his mom's special pumpkin bread along with some cantaloupe.

Quinn wanted to earn the Queen's Soundabet Card by his name. And he did that easily:

 His success began a little avalanche of accomplishment. Cameran followed Quinn,

Mollie followed Cameran:

Bailey followed Mollie:

Then Samantha did the "Soundabet Boy" cards which means that she can read the words at the bottom of the Queen's cards quickly and in whatever order they appear. Many more kindergartners wanted the microphone in hand and the timer going to show their mastery of the Soundabet than we had time for today. For those who'd like to get on the list, leave a comment here and we'll get a list going.

See the yellow "boy card" at lower left corner

Samantha's holding the set of cards I use to test the ability to read fluently the Soundabet cue words. Your student is ready to try for the "Boy Card" when all 40 words can be read in about a minute. To practice, use the Queen's cards and cover up the top of the cards.

Elsa's homework

Jackson's homework

Cameran's homework
I hope you have a good weekend. See you Monday.

Be well.


Anonymous said...

Hi Mr. Gurney,

Elena mentioned that she'd like to try to get her boy card this week. She practiced all weekend long!


Dan Gurney said...

Hi, Celia, If she's ready, we're ready. I'll add her to the list. That's great!