Friday, April 22, 2011

Friday, April 22, 2011

From Liberty School (a fine neighboring school in Petaluma) we borrowed the idea of having a pancake breakfast in kindergarten on the Friday before Easter Sunday.

After a whole career of egg hunts—some of them in the rain—I was open to trying something new to mark the occasion. Egg hunts can be fun, but they do require kindergarten teachers to establish clear ground-rules to avoid tears and frustration.

This was entirely fun. These days it can be rare to share a weekday breakfast meal together. But that's what we did this morning in kindergarten, and everyone had a good time. Thanks go out to all who helped—Shari, Julie, Sonja, Jason, April,  Natasha, Conan (thinking of you and Melody this weekend!) and Shelley. We were in good, good hands.

Here are some photos:

Bunny cakes

Served with strawberries, raisins, whipped cream,

butter, syrup, and OJ.

Bunnies on the griddle...

Natasha helped serve

Eating together

Ukuleles on the griddle....

Natasha read Cameran's story

P.E. at the end of the day

Next week is video week Monday through Friday. I plan to share some education videos that I think are worth seeing. Tune in.

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