Friday, March 25, 2011

March 25, 2011

Hi all!

If you should need to email me, please know that my earlier email addresses at yahoo are still down. I do not know when they might come back.

Meanwhile, I opened an email account with the google service, gmail.

If you type in dangurney51 (at)  well, you know.. at I should receive your message.

Meanwhile, we had a good day in kindergarten. Here's the story of the day in photos starting with the easel news:

We "read" Gavin's book from the library called Scorpion Man. It really interested the class. I tend to forget that many children, boys especially, prefer non-fiction titles. Odd, since when I was little I strongly preferred books that could provide me with facts about the world around me.

Still, there's nothing like a good story, and Hannah brought in a Hawaiian tale about a turtle named Limu. I think now I'm caught up on stories brought in for sharing.

We started our new table groups today and the change seemed welcomed by all. I saw many happy, smiling faces.

When we rearrange groupings it is necessary to rearrange the way we store the workbooks. I had not yet gotten to that task by the end of the day.

You might imagine how pleased I felt when I found Makayla and Samantha at work on this needed project without my even asking them to do it. (Very pleased, indeed!)

That's what I call LEVEL ONE behavior: doing helpful things for the people in your life without anyone asking you.

Kudos to those two girls and their families!

Have a good weekend. I see on Accuweather that it will rain tomorrow. But when that rain clears out we may see some sun. Sounds good to me.

Be well.

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Anonymous said...

I am so impressed . way to go Samantha and makayla!!!