Wednesday, March 2, 2011

March 2, 2011

Today was Mollie's day. Here's the report on the easel:

Cameran showed her mastery of the Soundabet today. Everyone was delighted about that because her success meant that the class had the extra time for play at the end of the day that would otherwise have been lost because the "Quiet Machine" alarm sounded during clean up from snack.

This morning I was greeted at the door with some more notes from kids.

I love seeing kids writing.

For me these early letters from students give me that same feeling of happiness that comes over me when a student rides on two wheels for the first time.

These letters are from Hannah and Alyssa.

Jaden's mom made this flower from him. He was so proud of it he wanted to share it with the whole class. I told him I'd put in on Mr. Kindergarten so the whole world could share in his happiness.

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