Friday, March 18, 2011

March 18, 2011

Our lesson in math today involved creating various patterns in movement and symbolizing those patterns in writing with our own made-up or borrowed symbols. The students grasped the concept well.

Another rainy day! I think we're all starting to tire of all the rainy weather. Luckily there always seems to be something of great interest indoors. Today we got out warming trays so that some of us could make drawings with wax crayons that melted into the paper fibers.

The Dwarf House now has a new dining set. Cameran got to open it up and add it to the existing furnishing, as we happened to fill up our clean up chart on the day she was "Person-of-the-Day." The Dwarf House and all its furnishings are new to kindergarten. It is proving to be verrry popular with all the students. It's a wonderful stimulant to young imaginations. I see how the Dwarf House the affords students many opportunities to develop and use social skills like sharing, taking turns, collaborating, and leadership.

Are they having chicken for dinner?
And the big news of the day: Quinn mastered the Soundabet.

Good for you Quinn. You made our day.

Have a wonderful weekend. (Looks like a lot of rain is headed in our direction—please be safe and well.)

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