Tuesday, March 15, 2011

March 15, 2011

As the day got underway, a student in my class expressed his happiness at being in school to me with these words, "Mr. Gurney, I love you as much as my dentist!" He informed me later that his dentist always gives him toys at the end of the visit, and since I don't give away toys, I take it I'm doing all right.

It was (an is) a rainy day in this part of California, so our day was spent indoors.

We talked a little about the concept of half specifically dividing groups of objects into two equal groups. There will be more lessons on this concept in the future.

Tomorrow's homework will be a change of pace. Your child will need a colored felt-tipped pen (preferably a highlighter pen) to complete it.

On to the news of kindergarten:

We had PE indoors today. Mrs. Campbell had the class dancing. She said they did wonderfully. Here's what they looked like at the start:

Alexis brought snack today. She played the song, "The Wheels on the Bus" with me on the ukulele.

Speaking of ukuleles, Hannah's grandmother, Louise Petersen, donated three ukuleles to the classroom. A big thank you from me and all of us! We now have enough for all of us to play together. We'll be ready for the talent show. Here are the new ukuleles:

Now we have 25 ukuleles!!

Be well.

And stay dry.

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