Monday, March 14, 2011

March 14, 2011

It's only a month since we celebrated Valentine's Day here in kindergarten, but for some reason even though the individual days seem to fly by Valentine's Day seems far longer ago than just four weeks ago. It seems I have a bunch of almost first graders when just a month ago I had class full of kindergartners here.

Just about everyone in class has the Soundabet mastered, and the few who don't are closing in on that goal. Soundabet will fall into place as we read and write with it. By the end of the year, many students will have forgotten that there was ever a time they couldn't read and write some words.

Today was Zander's Day. He brought a book about a bulldog named Noelle. Zander himself has a bulldog at home named Bruno. He shared some photos of his dog along with the storybook for the day.

As you know, the person of the day gets to lead lines on days when we can go outside. I wasn't sure this morning whether we would have enough of a break in the rain to ride bikes and have recess outside, but the sun showed mercy on us and we got to get outside.

It was necessary to bring a towel out to dry off the rain that fell on the bikes and trikes overnight.

Some students got interested in riding bikes without using the pedals. Ryan, here, is almost ready to transition to a bicycle with pedals. He was able to retract his landing gear and glide long distances across the playground.

The day he tries to ride a regular bicycle is the day he'll be surprised at how easy it is!

Gavin made my day (and I think his mom and dad's day too) by showing everyone his mastery of the Soundabet.

He went home with a deck of Queen's cards. Gavin also earned the whole class some extra recess time and led the class in a game of hide-and-go-seek at the end of the day. Way to go, Gavin!!

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