Tuesday, March 1, 2011

March 1, 2011

The day began with Marley handing my this note she wrote to me at home before coming to school this morning.

 Here is what it says:

Mr. Gurney

I want you to come here so you can see my doll house and I want you to see my kitten. Love, Marley

I encourage all of you to encourage your child to write notes like this to me.

Please do not edit them—if you correct the spelling and spacing, I won't be able to tell what your child knows and still needs to learn. A note like Marley's is a real gold mine of instructional hints for me.

It's also much more fun for her to write compared to a session of endless (and possibly unwanted) corrections. It saves having to answer questions asking, "How do you spell _____?"  Notes like Marley's have ten times the charm, too.

If you don't think I'll be able to read a note your child writes, and especially if YOU can't read it, just ask your child to read their writing aloud to you. Write down what they say on a post-it notes and stick it on the back. Okay?

Marley demonstrated her mastery of the Soundabet. With microphone in hand she said them all in less than 90 seconds. (Which means at home she can probably do it in about a minute.) Here's the result:

One beaming girl

We were paid a visit by an arachnid today. He or she was in the box that we store the reading books in.  I guess worms aren't the only small creature interested in books.

I promised to share a photo here.

Here's the news of the day:

In Kid's Club we got the new Dwarf House out and boy it's going to be an imagination stretcher. Here's a couple of photos for you to see:


The Honorable Mention said...

I love getting letters like this too, Dan! What a nice report of your daily news!

Jason said...

Hey Mr. Gurney - thanks for today's post (for all your posts). Was excited for Marley today because yesterday evening she quickly charged through the Soundabet without stumbling (she was playing, and so I suggested a quick practice without a timer, so maybe she felt less pressure, or just wanted to get back to playing!). Loved her note - Marley thinks you are pretty cool and wants to share with you. We are all having so much fun. Thanks for the great environment you help to create!

Dan Gurney said...

Thank you, HM!

Thees lettrs R the bst u cn gt.

Dan Gurney said...

Jason, thank you. I feel very fortunate to be able to teach the way I do. Marley did zip through the Soundabet like it was nothing. The beaming smile you see in the picture was actually about 20 seconds later than the first smile. It was, as they say, priceless. Your VISA card can't buy a moment like that.