Saturday, February 12, 2011

Yankee Doodle with Hannah

Hannah's mom, Julie, had her camera with her when we were playing Yankee Doodle. She switched it to video mode and got this video. (Thank you, Julie!)

Note to other teachers who may be contemplating adding ukulele to your program. This video shows where we are after our first lesson on ukulele. I went over:

  • the parts of the ukulele, 
  • how to hold a ukulele
  • how to start and stop a song, 
  • how to strum the strings, and
  • how to make a C chord.

This first 5 point lesson takes about 30 minutes to teach, including time for each child to choose a song to sing and play. I taught it to small groups over a period of about a week. Most of the kids in the class can play like Hannah. At this point in the game it's basically a rhythm instrument since we're not changing chords, just playing the tonic all the way through all of our songs. It works.

It gets us on the road to playing and singing, and it whets the appetite to learn more. And gets us ready for our first performances before an audience.

Have a look:

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