Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Welcome to Kindergarten

A friend of mine named Steven Leak who is a blogger and a poet (and who has a day job as a teacher in Canada) collaborated on this poem.

You will find
here in this classroom another world

a slower, gentler world—
a garden growing kindness.

Please join us.

We welcome you.



offers nothing

special—just old-fashioned

neighborliness, goodness and grace,

the only currency ever exchanged among friends.



are respected

cultivated, and exchanged freely.

through this door

and joining our warm acceptance

requires only a kind and loving heart,

a trusting and thoughtful mind together with clear
intention, cleansed of expectation, and infused with goodness.

Look in, with your heart

Listen in, with your heart

Think, yes, think with your heart
and please, come in, join us in kindergarten.

—Steven Leak and Dan Gurney

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