Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Another day gone in a blur of happiness and learning. We've been missing Quinn who's been out all week. We wish him well.

 Mrs. Everson's group has begun a unit of study about trees. What better time of year than now as trees come awake after their winter nap? Here is a peek into Jaden's tree journal, kept as part of our science program.

 Still bundled up against the cold from the observations they did outside this morning, Jaden works in his journal at the tables inside the room.

 Alexis took particular care (as many of her classmates do) to put books away neatly. I am pleased when students treat each other and the classroom materials with care and attention.

Our "band" has begun practice for the pasta feed coming next month. We're getting better!

 Lilly demonstrated her mastery of the lowercase Soundabet which earns the class some extra time outside... well would have had I recalled that today was buddy day. We came back inside early to be with our buddies.

Lilly was out in the garden with her buddy to paint pots for the garden.

My group stayed in to play the raft game. Most of the students have now had several chances to play the game and, I think, absorb the idea of exchanging five ones for one five, at least in beans, if not pennies and nickels, where they will see this idea again. At least with the beans, it exchange is obvious. It is much less clear when you do it with coins.

 Tonight's homework repeats something we've done in class both today and yesterday. It's a preparation for tomorrow when we'll do it as a district writing assessment. The students wrote 311 words collectively. This is a big improvement over the 155 words written yesterday. Tomorrow we'll do it once more.

Here's the news on Elsa's day. The book, I Wish... was squeezed in right at the end of a day that, as usual, flew by.

Enjoy this perfect afternoon weather.

Be well.

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