Friday, February 25, 2011

Ukulele Week #5: Starting together

We've gone over how to:
  • how to carry the ukulele, 
  • how to hold it over our hearts, 
  • how to strum it with our thumb
  • how to finger a C chord
Today we'll look at starting to play—together. Playing together sounds much better than playing sort of together. The key is getting started. So you have to teach it.

The way I teach starting to play together is borrowed from our music teacher, Andrew De Veny. He's been at this business longer than I have, and I think he's got it figured out. Here's how:

Basically, we count off saying, "One, two, ready, play!" and with the word play we strum the first strum. As we say, "One, two, ready," we lightly knock our knuckles on the ukulele body above the strings.

You can see this demonstrated on the video of me and Hannah playing together on the post dated Feb 12. That video is probably worth 1,000 words, so I'll just send you over there if what I've said here isn't already clear to you.

Tomorrow, we'll listen to a guest blogger talk about how to pronounce the word, "Ukulele."

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