Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Ukulele Week #2

The second thing that might surprise you when teaching ukulele to young children is that they may have no idea how to hold it.

I've seen kids lay the ukulele flat on their laps, like little steel guitars. On set them down on a nearby tabletop, as if it were a keyboard.

But the place for this soulful little chordophone that is both less and more than a guitar is held to the heart.

The second lesson in ukulele playing is to teach your students to hold out their thumbs, and, using their thumbs to show where the ukulele will be held—in front of the heart—say, "I love myself!" and then hold the ukulele's body right there.

Here, Sam shows how to do this step:

"I love myself!" (Of course you do. You MAKE music!)

Tomorrow: how to strum the strings. (Yes it needs to be taught.)

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