Monday, February 28, 2011

Monday, February 28, 2011

Today was Makayla's day. Unfortunately, I left my camera at home so there are no photos of the day... but I did take a couple of photos at home. I'll take some tomorrow as a make-up. Update: Mrs. Everson took some photos on her phone and sent them to me, so we do have some photos.

Mrs. Everson sent me this photo

That said, Makayla did the Soundabet before the whole class! That always makes my day. She brought a wonderful story called Poppyseed. She also showed me her loose teeth. Rieley showed me a tooth that he lost over the week off.

Rieley lost a tooth.

I told the class "Mathland" names for some geometric solid shapes, some of which we have common names for:


What common game piece has this shape?


Ice cream lovers knew the name of this one....


When made of bouncy material for a play thing, we know this as a ball.


We talked about how these are found in engines.

What's the name of the shape you see sitting on top of the cube here? We did not go over this one...

Anyone know its name?

I showed the class a troll house I bought in a toy store in Mendocino during the "ski week" which for my wife and me was more of a "coast week(end)." We had a good time up there.

Finally, tomorrow is the first day of March. Here's the new snack calendar:

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