Friday, February 4, 2011

Friday, February 4, 2011

 We danced the Macarena today. Man, I could not believe how quickly the class picked it up. The class band played Mary Had a Little Lamb on ukulele and drums. They're so good.

The ukulele center is going spectacularly well. I owe a word of thanks to master kindergarten teacher, Eric Ord in Santa Rosa who shared invaluable tips on teaching ukulele to five year old children. We will perform at the Pasta Feed next month, so plan to come and see what your amazing kids can do with the right musical instrument in their hands.

 Cameran share a book today called Come Down Now, Flying Cow. The class loved it.

 Danny's 100 collection homework. How about that? His grandpa Frank made the array. Danny put the coins in there in a heads/tails pattern.

 Hannah collected 100 rocks from the stream that runs behind grandpa's dairy. I walk past that creek most days at lunch. It's really pretty, and it has some pretty rocks in it. Hannah sorted them into 10 bags of 10. Boy I like that! Hannah also did the lowercase Soundabet in under 60 seconds. That made her popular with all of her classmates because the teacher gets happy when someone passes that milestone. He decided to grant amnesty to the class for getting too noisy at snack. That amnesty meant that we all got some extra time at the end of the day for choice time.

 Justin made this pyramid using 100 Lego bricks. It really wants one more piece at the peak, but that would put it at 101, one too many. Way to go, Justin!

 Quinn had a similar idea, but his Lego construction made of 100 pieces was a bit more free form.

 Makayla organized 100 pinto beans with glue into 10 groups of 10. Very nice. The groups got more organized as she went along.

 Rieley bagged up 100 sea shells.

 Cameran 100 penne pasta noodles. Yum. Where's the pesto?

 Alyssa used 10 zip loc bags and oranize her collection of beans.

 Samantha got a dollar's worth of pennies.

Bailey bagged 100 toothpicks.

And check out Elsa's bouquet of pennies. So nice!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.

Be well.

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