Thursday, February 10, 2011

155 - 311 - 406

The title of this post records the number of words that the class, collectively, can write when I give each child a pencil, a piece of paper, the surroundings of this kindergarten room, and about 10 minutes of time. The first number, 155, is what they achieved on Tuesday. The second, 311, is how many words they wrote yesterday. Today's count for the district writing assessment was 406. This is impressive growth and it indicates how ready they are to learn and grow in the skill of writing.

What it means to the kids in class is that—shhhh!— we will get to make Valentine's Day presents for the family tomorrow once the parent volunteers take off.

Tomorrow will be a very full day, just as it was today.

Here's a photo of the daily writing:

Be well.

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