Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wednesday, January 12, 2011: Six Feet Tall

Amazing how many kindergartners are "Six Feet" tall.

We traced our shoes and cut them out today. Using these cut-out feet to measure things around the classroom we found that many of the students were six feet tall. (That's how tall, approximately, their teacher is!) Something to think about....

M. and R. make cut-outs of their feet.

Z. measures G.'s height in kid feet.

We measured the larger Lego constructions.

C. measures M.

Some of the buddies painted pots in the garden.

Some buddies worked in the fifth grade classroom.

And some worked in kindergarten. E.'s buddy is the daughter of a teacher.

M. brought sushi, a very special sushi for snack.

She brought carrots, celery, and hummus too. Yum.

Here's the news of the day as recorded on the chart:
In Tribes we made Valentine's Day cards to send overseas. My tribe and Mrs. Everson's tribe were able to enjoy ten minutes or so outdoors in the fine springlike weather we've been enjoying around here in California's wine country the past few days. Glorious weather.

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