Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tuesday, January 25, 2011—Twin Day tomorrow

Today we celebrated Quinn's sixth birthday. Quinn's mom, who can bake like Betty Crocker, made up some cupcakes with green frosting that were very good.


As has been the case, the day flew right by—we didn't even have time for indoor choice, so hopefully tomorrow we'll catch up with that.

The birthday boy
Tomorrow is "Twin Day" you don't have to be an actual twin, but simply dress like someone else in class. This is easy enough to do if you dress in one of the school t-shirts of polo shirts. I'll be wearing blue jeans and a burgundy polo, so if you want to twin up with me, that's your ticket.

More news:

We've introduced the skill of counting by 5's yesterday and talked about tallying today. It seems most of the students grasped the skill of tallying. Above are one hundred marks, easy to count as tallies by fives.

Rieley (it was Rieley's day today) shared a book by Dr. Seuss called "The Tooth Book" which we all enjoyed. I expected it to include a shark, but there is no shark in this book.

At the end of the day we still hadn't sung together. Rieley brought his ukulele (a nice Kala KA-S model) and he played a couple of tunes all by himself, leading his classmates in song. He has a solid on-beat strum and he fingers the C-chord with the ring finger, a very good way to do it.

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