Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Oh what a beautiful morning! Oh what a beautiful day!
Here's the news on the easel.

Marley brought her ukulele. She already knows how to play two chords, C and F! (Go for G7 next, Jason!) We sang some tunes together.

Life is good when you sing with kids.

We're beginning a couple of days in math about measuring using the "foot." Tomorrow they'll make cut-out feet (their feet) and we'll measure things with their feet.

Just a quick note about snacks.

The kids are loving the yogurt that you're sending in the 32 oz containers. One of these containers holds enough for the whole class. No need to send more.

32 oz container feeds a whole class!

Apples have been popular, too. Marley sent some really tasty ones today. I have a cutter that quickly cores the apple and makes 8 slices of one apple. Six apples yields 48 slices, about 2 per student. Six apples is all you need to send, eight at the most. Better to send six or seven really good apples than a whole bag of so-so apples. Probably less money, too.

I had a nice conversation with Marley's table at snack today.

One apple will provide fruit for 4 students.
 Six apples is enough for six tablefulls of kids, the whole class.


esther said...

Hi Dan,

I couldn't find a contact form so I'll try to get in touch this way. My name is Esther and I am teaching English at a kindergarten in Istanbul. We have recently started our blog (Blogs.istek.org.tr/bkagankindergarten) and as part of that we are looking for some blog-pals.
We would like our students to become more aware of other countries and cultures as well as become more familiar with using computers. Ideally we would send and receive fotos/video and short letters once in a while and post them on the blog.
Our kindergarten is part of a foundation with 9 schools in total. Here in Florya we have the kindergaten, a primary school and a high school. We have 120 students in the kindergarten who are split up in 7 classes: 4-year olds, 5-year olds and 6-year olds.
Let us know if you are interested in getting to know us a bit better.

Esther Brunner

Kindergarten ESL Teacher
ISTEK Vakfı Bilge Kağan

Anonymous said...

Hello, I would love to get t know the Istanbul culture. Sounds wonderful and exciting.

Kelli (Jaden's aunt)

P.S. How do I become not anonymous? Do I have to sin in?