Thursday, January 13, 2011

Thursday, January 13, 2011 The Day in Pictures

I've seen this dream come true for my brother Jim.

A much harder goal!

Writing Center

A God's Eye Weaving

It's a good time to teach tolerance.

I forgot to push the shift key on the typewriter when typing today's date 1/13/11.

Instead I typed something like !?!#?!! (which is what happens on this computer when I do that) and my kindergarten writer dutifully copied my mistake including the typewritten cross-outs. This points out how important it is for kindergarten teachers to think about EVERYTHING they do. EVERYTHING. Our mistakes will be copied....

Hannah made my day (and many other people's day, too).
In this classroom, the reward for learning your Soundabet is earning extra "work" time (time for Legos, art, etc.) We all cheered when Hannah zipped through the whole thing in 43 seconds flat.

Like I said, the ukes would be here soon. Like today!
Thanks to all who contributed to the ukulele fund. You made this the best Christmas ever. Had I not asked, I'd probably be 4 pounds fatter (all the chocolate) have upteen more tree ornaments in the box, not to mention more "Best Teacher" mugs. These ukes are already in use. Seven of those dark brown sopranos came thanks to that plastic jar....

One fun way to clean a grungy table

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