Monday, January 3, 2011

Reflection #3: Under one's feet

Peace is easily maintained;
Trouble is easily overcome before it starts.
The brittle is easily shattered;
The small is easily scattered.

Deal with it before it happens,
Set things in order before there is confusion.

A tree as great as a man’s embrace springs from a small shoot;
A terrace nine stories high begins with a pile of earth;
A journey of a thousand miles starts under one’s foot.

Loa Tzu, Taoteching, Chapter 64

As we begin 2011, it’s important to remember that anything we may wish to accomplish in the year ahead we will accomplish only in tiny baby steps.

If we take good care of each moment before us, we’ll automatically be taking good care of the whole year.

It’s really all we can do anyway. It’s the only way.


Anonymous said...

Beautifully said! Thanks from Kelli.

Gayle said...

I needed this now. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

I appreciated this very much Dan...thank you...
your strum chum,

Dan Gurney said...

Thanks, Todd and Gayle and Kelli!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Dan! I think I'll pick up the book :)
I just started reading Eckhart Tolle's, Oneness With All Life, very inspirational. Happy 2011 to ALL!

Dan Gurney said...

Cool, April. If you haven't read the Tao Te Ching yet, you're in for a treat.