Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Raft Game

Today during Buddies I introduced a game from the math program that teaches exchanges. About a third of the students played the Raft Game today and in the coming weeks all the students will have a chance to play.

It's a great game and it gives students the opportunity to practice exchanges in a fun way. As they play they lay the foundation for later on when they exchange dimes for dollars and so forth.

Here are some photos showing the game:

Students roll dice and get the corresponding number of beans

Five beans are exchanged the beans for a plank.

Five planks are exchanged for a raft.

Rafts float across the river carrying bears and blocks.

Blocks are used to build a castle.
This game turns out to be a lot of fun for the students. They don't even know they're practicing a skill that will prove useful later on in math.

I think it's actually good for the fifth graders, too, to get this sort of hands-on practice.

There was time at the end of the day for some indoor play. Look at Marley's deer!

Sam is working on his G7 chord.


Ryan moore said...

Ryan wanted to let you know today was the best day he has had so far. He really enjoyed playing the drums and has been working on rhythm at home.

Dan Gurney said...

I'm glad to know that. Ryan really can keep the beat! I'm not surprised that he's been working on rhythm at home. It shows. I am very pleased with how far we've come in our musical skills already. We've only just begun!

Annika said...

Hi! I just came across your blog while doing a search for "Kindergarten math raft game". Isn't that funny? Thanks for the review, it's exactly what I needed. Please elaborate on the exchange from raft to castle. In other words, each time a raft makes it over the river, is that one block for the castle?

Dan Gurney said...

Yes, but I think I altered it as we played on successive days. No reason why you couldn't ferry 5 blocks across on each trip to speed up the castle building process.