Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Day's News--Rebecca

Fifth grade buddies
Scary how quickly a day goes by! Time more than flies. We had our fifth grade buddies over for a sublime half hour together. Man, I love having the fifth graders around. It's good be have my "grown up" ex-kindergartners come by to give extra care and attention to the kindergarten students. 

Representatives from the Student Council came by to let us know some of the school wide news of the day. The canned food drive continues until the end of January. We haven't met our goal of one pound per student yet. Hopefully we will by January 31.

January 26 is "Twin Day" when you dress alike with a brother, sister, cousin, or friend.

Student Council representatives

A week from today we will have "Tribes" and we will make Valentines cards for the men and women serving in the military overseas. I hear, too, from the Student Council, that Cheetos and Cheez-Its are hard to obtain there and much desired.

Other than that another Wednesday flew by. A very good day.

Rebecca knows the whole Soundabet! Yeah, Rebecca, you really made my day.

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