Saturday, December 25, 2010

Ukulele Update/Lesson/Christmas Greeting

Hi, all—

I visited People's Music and the word is the ukes are about a week from arriving in the store. Should be soon.

Here's a little YouTube video that's both a lesson (the first part) and a performance appropriate for today by Mike Lynch a man who, like me, prefers homemade music to any other kind.

If Santa brought your family a uke, this Music Teacher Mike is a great resource to check out. YouTube is full of great uke lessons; Mike's lessons are kind of advanced, too advanced for beginners, but good if you've played guitar.

Enjoy, and Merry Christmas everyone!


Anonymous said...

Santa gave me a ukulele. Rieley

Dan Gurney said...

That's great, Rieley!! I hope you play it a lot. Bring it to school, and we will play together, too!

Anonymous said...

Hi Rieley, Hi Mr. Gurney!

Guess what I got a ukulele too!

"No matter what you say Mr. Gurney, you are the best teacher in the world"

Dan Gurney said...

That's so great, Justin. As with Rieley, you can bring it to school and we'll find some time to play. My son got a ukulele for Christmas, too. He's playing it a lot. He's playing it right now. He's gotten quite good at it already.