Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Tuesday, December 7

Late post today. I've been going full speed since 5:00 AM so this will be brief:

The day's news

Thanks to all those who've contributed we're going to see 3 new ukes.

The ukulele craze that is happening now means that all the ukes of the sort I want for our kindergarten in the US are already sold out. There's a new shipment on its way across the Pacific. I'm near the front of the line for them....

If you wish to donate via check or gift certificate, please make the check out to People's Music or get a gift certificate from them. They are in downtown Sebastopol at 122 North Main Street. 823-7664. They know ukes!!

Remember, tomorrow's pick up is at 1:20 to avoid the congestion in the parking lot. Please pick up your youngster from the classroom at that time. Also, Wednesday is homework day.

Thank you!


Miss Dunker said...

Hi! My name is Karen and I am a fellow K teacher who loves looking at your blog! I also have a ukulele and have been making music with my kiddos. Since you are the expert--what specific type of instrument do you prefer for your kiddos? Thank you so much!!

Dan Gurney said...

Definitely a soprano sized uke is what I recommend. I think KALA is the best brand out there right now for the price and sound. For my classroom, I'm getting KALA KA-S ukes specifically because they're really good, solid instruments and they stay in tune and sound just right.

Miss Dunker said...

Thank you so much! I have had problems with keeping mine tuned--I told our K02 kids about how you belong to the 'strum chums' and they thought it was SO cool! Merry Christmas!