Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Tribes Tomorrow; Pajamas Thursday

Tomorrow is our first day of Tribes.
At dismissal today, I told the class a little bit about Tribes and want to share a little more with you.

Tribes is a once-a-month meeting on the third Wednesday of the month. The idea of Tribes to to build lasting, caring relationship among students across grade levels.

Each Tribe has at least one representative from each of the grades. Tribal groupings stay together over time.

So, for example, if your kindergarten child has been assigned to my Tribe (The Green Sea Turtle Tribe) he or she will be a Green Sea Turtle in first grade, second grade and so forth all the way up to sixth grade. Each year the sixth grade member graduates and a new kindergartner enters, but apart from that, the group is the same from year to year.

Kindergarten students will join their Tribe tomorrow to be welcomed as the newest member. Later on in the year, the Tribe activities focus on community service projects.


Thursday is a spirit day—Pajama day. It's also the performance night for the school wide music program at Two Rock School. Show starts at 7. Plan to arrive well ahead of that so that there's time to park and get your kindergartner ready to go on stage.

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