Friday, December 3, 2010

Friday's News Plus a Ukulele Update

Today began with a story told by master storyteller, Beth Wakelee. Mrs Wakelee used to teach here at Dunham, but she retired a few years ago. She was visiting in kindergarten on her way to be the substitute for the Spanish teacher. Here she is telling her story about a grandmother, a jackal, a bear, and a tiger.

It was Rebecca's day. She led lines and got to pick out the dance we did today which was our current favorite, "Listen and Move" by Greg and Steve. She led the dance, too. Here she is galloping around the room.

Thanks to those of you who've offered to help towards the purchase of ukuleles for my classroom. We've made a start.

I retract what I said about the guitar being impossible for kindergartners to play. It seems that North Koreans do a pretty good job teaching guitar to five year old kids. Get a load of this most remarkable kindergarten kid in North Korea.

Thanks, Matthew for sharing this piece of evidence to refute my overly pessimistic statement. I underestimated what people are capable of. I stand corrected.


Anonymous said...

Wow, that is spectacular! Incredible! Wonderfully amazing!!

Dan Gurney said...

Hi, Anon! Yes! I could not believe my ears when I first heard this girl play. I studied the video carefully. (I have played guitar for decades, but I'm nowhere near this girl in talent.) This is real. She's actually playing that music.

This gives me a lot of hope for teaching uke in kindergarten. What I'm attempting to teach my students is many orders of magnitude easier.

Matthew said...

Dan, I do think you know I was only being sarcastic. I absolutely agree with you in regards to guitar vs. Ukes. Patrick is all excited for us to save and buy him a ukulele...I can't imagine the life of this young girl but it has to be quite a lot different than American children. I can only guess her talent is part God-given but also very much part old school Totalitarian methods...which I'd never want my kids subjected to!

Dan Gurney said...

Hi, Matthew. I knew you were being sarcastic. I get it. Like you, I'm sure I'd be horrified to know what that kid went through to get so dern good on the guitar. Still, it does leave me thinking/asking... do we expect not quite enough of our kids these days?