Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Wednesday Dismissal

Tomorrow, Wednesday, we enter a new month, December. Tomorrow we will begin the longer Wednesday school day. For the rest of the school year, kindergarten will dismiss on Wednesdays at 1:20. Your child will stay for lunch, so pack a lunch or arrange with the office for a hot lunch for your child.

The longer kindergarten schedule preempts KIDS club.

For everyone’s safety, please come a little bit early—1:15 would be good—park your car, and come to the classroom to pick up your child. Please arrive in the kindergarten class promptly at 1:20. If you don’t have older siblings to pick up try to leave ahead of the parking lot snarl that will be in full swing at 1:30 when the rest of the school dismisses.

Hold hands as you walk back out to your car. It will be crowded and confusing out in the parking lot because the whole school is about to dismiss. Folks vary in how much patience they have. We wish to avoid any accidents or ruffled feathers!

I am assigned to do parking lot patrol starting at 1:30. I cannot serve that duty until all kindergartners have been picked up. So please be on time. If you’re late, look for your child in the school office.

The other days of the week dismiss at the same time as always, 11:45.

If your child is in after school daycare, no worries, everything will remain the same for you.

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